Room & facilities

◆Room (7 private rooms as below) ....2nd floor only *capacity is 15 persons

All rooms arenot include shower and toilet.There are no towel, toothbrush, yukata bathrobe in your room, but you can buy a towel (\100) , toothbrush (\50) and rent bath towel (\200).

◆Bathroom for common use (onsen/ hot spring)...1st floor

Bathroom is usable 4 pm to midnight.
* If you want to use shower in the morning from 5 am to 8 am, please tell us by the day before.
* body soap and rince-in shampoo are there (in bathroom).* hair-dryer is usable in washroom.

In winter and off-season 1 bathroom is usable by a man and woman change. Other season (summer- until September), 2 bathroom is usable. 1 for man and 1 for woman.

◆Western-style toilet (unisex toilet) ...1st floor
◆Japanese-style toilet ( for man / for woman)...2nd floor

There is no smoking room / no smoking area.

◆ Free Wi-fi (Freespot) is available in your room, dining room.

◆Other facilities:

・ washing machine... \100/each time・ There is no drying machine. Drying space is on the 1st floor.
・ refrigerator, microwave for common use...1st floor
・ Free drink corner (hot coffee, hot tea) 2nd floor
・ There is no vending machine, however you can buy some drink . Please ask us until 11 pm. (canned coffee, plastic-bottle tea, canned beer, mineral water orange juice etc.)


★Japanese-style tatami-mats room (5 rooms)


6 tatami-mats wide for 1 to 3 persons
to 10-12 tatami-mats wide for 4, 5 persons


★single bedroom (with extra bed for 2 person is available) ...2 rooms


about 11 ㎡   with single-bed, table, chair, TV. electric fan(in summer)

If you want to use this room for 2 (twin), you can use an extra single bed.

In summer (from July 1 to August 25) , temperature of the room may be about 30 degree at night, because of the afternoon sun and hot spring heat. So rate of the room is discounted at the time. There Is a electric fan but no air conditioner.

*This room is for adult only.